February Mission Partner: Action Sports Outreach

FBCO's Mission Partner for February is Action Sports Outreach, a ministry of John & Caitlin Andrus of Jamul, California.  With dual headquarters in La Mesa and Joplin (Caitlin is the niece of an FBCO member), ASO is a "faith based non-profit committed to sharing the message of Jesus Christ by utilizing exciting extreme sports demonstrations and dynamic media interaction as tools to connect with the world."

"Jesus commanded believers to GO proclaim the gospel to a lost world," says John. "...Action Sports Outreach exists to reach and encourage this world with the good news through the specialized abilities that God has given us to glorify Him."

John Andrus riding in Ethiopia, 2013
John riding in Ethiopia, 2013

John is an "extreme" BMX (bicycle) stunt rider and has traveled throughout the US and more than two dozen foreign countries sharing the Good News.  He's been recovering from a knee injury suffered on a recent trip to Burkina Faso, but "it is now almost 100% better and he is riding his bike again!", says Caitlin.

That's great news, too --- because at this very moment John is in Costa Rica in cooperation with a missionary family that works in that area.  

"A handful of men are joining us to do ministry in San Jose and traveling to lesser reached rural areas. Several of us will have BMX bikes for entertaining people and using stunts as a platform to share Jesus with the lost," says John. Some of the ministry stops will include children's shelters for kids from the slums, school outreaches, skatepark ministry, and the largest slum in Costa Rica. "We are committed to using every outreach as a way to show people God's love by the things we do, but more importantly, to proclaim ... how Jesus can save everybody through what He has done on the cross!"

You can offer support to Action Sports Outreach via your prayers, and by contributing to the fiscal needs of the ministry.  For more information visit Actionsportsoutreach.com, visit ASO s YouTube channel, or talk to any of the church staff here at FBCO.